Campaign Finance Information

County officeholders and candidates for county office are required by state law to file reports of their campaign contributions and expenditures with the Hays County Elections Office. The form for these reports is prescribed by the Texas Ethics Commission.  Filing deadlines are available on the Ethics Commission web site.

Important note: filings are presented on the web site as a convenience. The absence of a filing on the web site does not mean that a candidate or officeholder has not filed a required report, but may merely mean that we're in the process of making it web-ready. For complete, accurate, up-to-date information on any filing, please check with the Hays County Elections Office directly.

Name of Candidate Office Sought
Robert Avera Justice of Peace, Precinct 4
Omar Baca Commissioner, Precinct 4
Jason Carter Justice of Peace, Precinct 4
Will Conley County Judge
Richard Cronshey Commissioner, Precinct 2
William Davis Justice of Peace, Precinct 4
Lisa DeLeon Justice of Peace Precinct 1, Place 2
Elizabeth Guidry Commissioner, Precinct 2
Jimmy Alan Hall Commissioner, Precinct 3
Kelly Kilber County Surveyor
Karen Marshall Justice of Peace, Precinct 5
Colin McFerrin Commissioner, Precinct 3
Lon Shell Commissioner, Precinct 3
James Skipton Commissioner, Precinct 4
Jayme Sutton Commissioner, Precinct 3
Jon Thompson Commissioner, Precinct 4
Abel Velasquez County Judge