Flood maps refer to areas of high, medium or low risk as "flood hazard zones" and the zones of highest risk as "Special Flood Hazard Areas."

Visit FEMA's website (http://maps.riskmap6.com/TX/Hays/) or Hays County's (https://haysco.halff.com/portal1/Map.aspx) to find your property and determine your flood risk.

Risk Level Flood Hazard Zone
High Flood Risk

AE, A, AH, AO, AR, A99 Zone. These properties have a one-percent-annual-chance of flooding in any year - and a 26 percent chance of flooding over the life of a 30-year mortgage.  Statistics show they also have a much greater chance of having a flood than a fire.

Insurance note: High-risk areas are called Special Flood Hazard Areas, and flood insurance is mandatory for most mortgage holders *

Moderate or Low Flood Risk

Shaded X Zone.  These properties are outside the high-risk zones and are in areas of moderate flood risk.  Remember: the risk is reduced, but not removed.

X Zone.  These properties are in an area of overall lower risk.

Insurance Note: Lower-cost preferred rate flood insurance policies (known as Preferred Risk Policies) are often an option in these areas.

Undetermined Risk D Zone.  The D zone designation is used for areas where there are possible but undetermined flood hazards.  In areas designated as a D zone, no analysis of flood hazards has been conducted.  Flood insurance is optional and available.
* Required for loans provided by federally regulated and insured lenders as well as Government Sponsored Enterprises such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae