Hays County Fire Marshal’s Office
Mission and Services

Mission Statement

The HCFMO operates under the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 352, Subchapter B “County Fire Marshal.” We are committed to enforcing the law and to the prevention and investigation of fire and explosive incidents in the unincorporated areas of Hays County. We work with Federal, State, County and Local Fire and Law Enforcement Agencies. Our goal is to protect and serve the residents and visitors of Hays County from the effects of fire.


The Hays County Fire Marshal's Office is under the general supervision of the County Judge. The Fire Marshal’s Office operates under the Texas Local Government Code chapter 352, Subchapter B “County Fire Marshal.” The primary functions of the Fire Marshal's Office include Fire/Arson Investigations, Fire/Life Safety Inspections, Fire Prevention and Public Education, Record Keeping of Fires (as required by Texas Law), and technical and administrative assistance to county fire departments. The current service area of the Fire Marshal's Office includes all rural areas of the county, and within town limits upon request.

Fire and Arson Investigations

The Fire Marshal's Office is mandated by law to investigate all fires and explosions in unincorporated Hays County. All fire investigators are required to be commissioned Peace Officers and Arson Investigators. Their investigations serve the citizens of Hays County in several important ways. If the fire is determined to be a criminal act, such as arson, this office aggressively investigates those fires to determine who is responsible, to arrest the offender, and to assist in the prosecution in order to deter the crime of arson. If the fire is found to be accidental, this office determines the cause of the fire and notifies the general public or specific manufacturers, to prevent future fires from the same cause. State law also requires the Fire Marshal's Office to assist cities investigating fires upon request.

Fire/Life Safety Inspections  

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for conducting Fire/Life Safety Inspections in the unincorporated areas of Hays County. Fire Inspectors conduct several different types of fire/life safety inspections throughout the county. We conduct inspections of commercial businesses, public buildings, and residential dwellings (upon request). We also conduct inspections of daycare centers, foster care homes and group homes.

Fire Prevention and Public Education

Through aggressive fire prevention, the Fire Marshal’s Office reduces the loss of property and lives in Hays County. Fire prevention education for all age groups is available and is critical to saving lives and property.

Retail Fireworks Stand Inspections

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for the inspection of Retail Fireworks Stands in the unincorporated areas of the county. Each year during fireworks season our office conducts inspections of retail fireworks stands in these areas to ensure they meet the State Fireworks Code and Standards. Our office also addresses fireworks complaints and violations during the season. Contact the Fire Marshal's office